Laser For Pigmentation

Laser treatments for pigmentation targets scars, age spots, and more to even out and improve your skin complexion. Perfect for refining your skin complexion.

Your Treatment

This multi-benefit treatment works to improve a number of different aspects of the skin, and improve overall health and appearance. When the laser energy is delivered to the skin, it creates heat in the tissue. This heat shatters pigmentation like freckles and age spots, which the body then pushes out of the skin in the days following. This heat also effectively stimulates collagen production and boosts skin cell functions, for added plumpness, brightness, and a smoothing effect on lines and wrinkles. This added collagen and volume in the tissue can also smooth out some forms of acne scarring and reduce the size of enlarged pores. Another benefit of this heating in the tissue is a reduction in some generalised redness, as tiny unnecessary blood vessels and spider veins are collapsed by the heat and transported out through our body’s natural waste system.

Your Experience

This is a mild laser skin rejuvenating treatment with no downtime. You can resume normal activities as soon as treatment is completed. You will feel a warming sensation during the treatment, and remain a little red and hot for several hours afterwards. Natural mineral makeup can be used to cover this. Your pigmentation may appear darker in colour for the next few days, which will eventually slough off itself, revealing much clearer skin. You will notice and improvement in smoothness and texture over the next three months or so, as collagen continues to form over this time. We recommend several of these treatments to remove significant pigmentation and see noticeable anti-ageing results, which can be done every 4-6 weeks.

Your Results

This is a truly transformative skin rejuvenation treatment that will provide the ultimate Hollywood glow, and accumulative benefits for many weeks afterwards. It is extremely popular prior to weddings, events, and special occasions, and also for those wanting to address multiple skin concerns and make a real difference to their texture, volume and clarity.

Pre & Post Care

You may be asked to prepare your skin with pigment-inhibiting products at least two weeks before your treatment, and avoid sun exposure. You should avoid active skincare like retinoids or exfoliating products at least 3 days before and after, and daily sunscreen in the weeks following is a must.

Laser Pigmentation

NameSingle PricePack of 3
Full Face$199$537
Decolletage (Chest)$199$537
Face + Neck$299$799
Face + Neck + Decolletage$398$1100
Lower Arms$299$799
Full Arms$399$1199
Full Legs$799$1999
Upper Back$499$139
Full Back$799$1199

Unsure of the right treatment for you?

Get your skin analysed with the SkinX.

While we can make fairly accurate judgements based on what we see, we won’t know what’s happening underneath the skin without the help of a skin analysis device. This technology allow us to take a look deep down below the surface to discover underlying issues before they occur.

We can examine your skin sebun and bacterial content, detect wrinkles that haven’t appeared yet, underlying inflammation, and more.

With a skin analysis, we can develop a personal skin treatment plan that will provide the best long-term skin health possible, and also track the results with you over time, so you can see first hand the progress we make on your skin.