Medi Facials

Skin therapy treatments using medical grade dermatological skin care ingredients, and high
performing therapy modalities to create significant changes and corrections in any skin concern.

Our skin therapies use highly specialised compounding practices in which combines and mixes,
precise skin actives and ingredients tailored to respond to individual skin concerns.

All our facial treatments include LED therapy that enhance skin health responses. Treatment
combination helps to restore skin surface health and increase cellular energy and function and
hydration aiding in long-term skin results.

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce pore size, acne, and blackheads

Evens out pigmentation

Improve skin texture

Expert Skin Chat + Booster Treatment

Using our advanced diagnostic photo image scanner.

Length: 60 minutes
Price: $135

Comprehensive skin depth imaging photos allow us to view and analyse your skin health from the layer right through to the surface. A through in-depth skin analysis + skin treatment to provide you with the knowledge and a unique treatment plan + prescription to guide you in optimising the health of your skin.

This consultation includes Skin Analysis session + progress photos, full booster facial + email skin prescription. (Fully redeemable on product purchases of $250+)

Level 1 – Essential Facial with LED Therapy

An essential facial treatment that will support + restore skin health and assist in the correction of your individual skin conditions. Bespoke compound treatment for any skin type.

Length: 45 minutes
Price: $189
Steps: 7 steps

  • Skin coaching
  • Double cleanse
  • Enzyme mask
  • LED therapy
  • Bespoke medical-grade actives
  • Tailored bespoke active mask
  • Anti-aging finishing products

Level 2 – Restorative Performance Facial with LED Therapy

A high-powered skin treatment with a strong focus on skin rejuvenation and repair.

Length: 60 minutes
Price: $210

Multi-layered treatment is tailored with layering active compounds and active double masks. The facial aims to reset and reboot the skin, to restore and reprogram healthier skin.

Lira Clinical Peels

It is essential before we conduct a Lira Clinical peel l that the skin has been supported with the correct Lira Clinical homecare for at least 2 weeks. In order to see result we recommend a series of x 6 treatments 2 weeks apart.

Vita Brite Refresh

Length: 50 minutes
Price: $169

This exclusive treatment contains an elite blend of ingredients to firm, tighten, brighten and hydrate the skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and calms an irritated rosacea skin.

Pumpkin Plus Definer

Length: 40 minutes
Price: $160

Renew and refresh a dull skin with this universal anti-aging treatment. Packed with antioxidants, plant stem cells, peptides and retinol, healing vitamins leaning the skin vibrant healthy and glowing.

Lactic Clear Definer

Length: 35 minutes
Price: $149

Correct, clear and brighten the skin with this advanced Lactic acid peel. Designed to improve melasma, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and photo damage. A perfect peel for all global skin types.

Green Power Rebuilder

Length: 40 minutes
Price: $190

This natural herbal exfoliator awakens the skin with a combination of unique ingredients. Green power will dramatically tighten the skin whilst diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Reduces acnes lesion by up to 40% within 30 days and reduces acne scaring, manages unwanted pigmentation.

Mineral Jessner Rebuilder

Length: 40 minutes
Price: $160

The Mineral Jessner contains a healing combination of plant stem cells, green tea extract and healing minerals. The Mineral Jessner corrects stubborn lines and wrinkles, lightens pigmentation, and reduces the appearance of acne scaring.



HydraFacial is a multi-step treatment that incorporates a deep cleanse to reduce skin congestion and blackheads, a gentle exfoliation to renew and brighten the complexion and to stimulate collagen, and an intense hydrating formula to plump and revive dehydrated skin.
This facial treatment will leave you with a healthy, radiant glow.

Length: 40 minutes
Price: $199
Steps: 6 steps

  • Gentle cleanser
  • Daily AHAs face cleanse
  • Hydra Clean
  • Recovery hydrating cream
  • Daily defence SPF 50+
  • Hydrating lip balm

Deluxe facial with oxygen infusion

Length: 90 minutes
Price: $299
Steps: 12 steps

  • Gentle cleanser
  • AHAS/BHA mask + steam
  • Daily AHAs cleanser
  • Cleanse phase
  • Exfoliate and extract phase
  • Customised treatment mask or peel
  • Infuse serums with HydraTip
  • Oxygen infusion
  • Bi-current with vitamin infusion
  • Eye cream
  • Daily defence SPF 50+
  • Hydrating lip balm

Unsure of the right treatment for you?

Get your skin analysed with the SkinX.

While we can make fairly accurate judgements based on what we see, we won’t know what’s happening underneath the skin without the help of a skin analysis device. This technology allow us to take a look deep down below the surface to discover underlying issues before they occur.

We can examine your skin sebun and bacterial content, detect wrinkles that haven’t appeared yet, underlying inflammation, and more.

With a skin analysis, we can develop a personal skin treatment plan that will provide the best long-term skin health possible, and also track the results with you over time, so you can see first hand the progress we make on your skin.